Beckham, Abramovich tops British football riches

David Beckham

I thought I would share this with my readers and KFF!

British Richest Players  

David Beckham £87m

Michael Owen £32m

Robbie Fowler £28m

Sol Campbell £27m
Rio Ferdinand £22m

Ryan Giggs £22m

Andriy Shevchenko £22m

Thierry Henry £21m

Wayne Rooney £20m

Michael Ballack £18m                                     As at 7th December 2006. 


R Abramovich (Chelsea) £10.8bn

J Lewis (Spurs) £2.1bn

D Desmond (Celtic) £1.25bn

M Glazer (Man Utd) £1.05bn

T Hemmings (Ch’ton,Preston) £900m

Sir A Sugar (Spurs) £790m

R Lerner (Villa) £789m

D Murray (Rangers) £650m

S Keswick, family (Cheltenham) £644m

D Sullivan (Birmingham) £595m  As at 7th December 2006. 

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1(2) RealMadrid £186.2m

 2(1) Man Utd £166.4m

3(3) ACMilan £158m

4(5) Juventus £154.9m

5(4)Chelsea £149.1m

6(7)Barcelona £140.4m

7(9) BayernMunich £128m

8(10)Liverpool £122.4m

9(8) InterMilan £119.7m

10(6) Arsenal £115.7m

11(12) Roma £89m

12(11)Newcastle £87.1m

13(14) Spurs £70.6m

14(17) Schalke £65.8m

15(-)Lyon £62.7m

16(13) Celtic £62.6m

17(16)ManCity £60.9m

18(-) Everton £60m

19(-)Valencia £57.2m

20(15) Lazio £56.1m 

Source: BBC online.   (Previous season’s positions in brackets)  

(as at 16th Feb 2006.)For more click here.


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Winners of 2006 East Africa Most respected Companies






Agricultural Sector

Winner            Homegrown

2nd                    Mumias Sugar

3rd                    Bidco

Financial Service Sector

Winner            Standard Chartered Bank

2nd                    Barclays Bank

3rd                    Stanbic Bank

Manufacturing Sector

Winner            East African Breweries

2nd                    Bidco

3rd                    Mukwano Group

Telecommunications and ICT Sector

Winner            Safaricom

2nd                    MTN

3rd                    Celtel

Hotels and Tourism Sector

Winner            TPS
Eastern Africa

2nd                    Kempinski Hotel

3rd                    Tamarind Group

Service Sector

Winner            Nakumatt Holdings

2nd                    Aga Khan Hospitals

3rd                    Precision Air

East Africa Most Respected Companies Survey- Country Awards
 Most Respected Company in

Kenya Airways

Most Respected Company in


Most Respected Company in

Tanzania Breweries


Background of Survey

Ø      in its seventh year

Ø      its an opinion poll of CEOs in the region

What Drives CEOs choice of Company

§         reasons personal to CEOs but examples are

§         sound business strategy

§          innovative products and services

§          financial performance

§          good customer care

§         sound management practices

§         good corporate citizenship

§         responsible use of environment

Who participated in the survey and how do you select survey participants

  • 300 companies took part this year

How survey is conducted

Conducted by face to face interview carried out by an independent company- this year it was Steadman

Who decides the winner?

Nominations are made by CEOs during their interviews.

Company emerging with most votes wins.


Source: Pwc

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Waihenya takes the hot seat at KBC

Waithaka Waihenya is the new chief news editor KBC.  Until his appointment, Waihenya  was The Standard Associate Editor in charge of weekend editions. He replaces Mr Hiram Mucheke who exited early this year after the departure of former MD Wachira Waruru. The two were hailed for their stand on handling issues and for setting a strong, fair and critical editorial with no sympathy to the government.

As the political fever continue to rise in the country, Waihenya has a daunting task ahead of him as he will tries to balance the pro and anti government agendas in the state owned broadcast.

As the editor in chief, Waihenya will determine the editorial content which will affect the lives on Kenyans.

He has cut an image in the media and is famous for the column faces the facts which he ran for a while at the Standard.

He is also the author of The Making of a Mediator, a biography on Lazaro Sumbeiywo.

Together with the management he will oversee, the continuing revamping of the station as it tries to modernize its archaic equipments.

However, only time will tell,

We wish him all the best.  

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Prison Break: A must see for all


Kenya premier TV station KTN has what I would call the best Christmas present for its viewers and more so for its rivals.

This is what I would call a day light Christmas Coup against it rival like NTV, KBC and Citizen.

Starting today, KTN starts screening the most exciting and fascinating Series ever-Prison Break.

This is a must see for all.

If you thought 24, Small Ville, Commander in Chief, West Wing and the likes were exhilarating then Prison Break is invigorating.

The script is fantastic, the casting is incredible. It boasts great actors like Dominc Purcell (Lincoln Burrows) who is facing a death penalty for killing the Vice President Brother.

Wentworth Miller (Michael Scofield) has the guts to go to jail and save his brother.

Other great actors include Rockmond Dunnbar of Soul Food and the damn mad spoiler Robert Knepper (Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell)

If you like it, drop a line.

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What’s wrong with Westlands

eabl-3.jpgIf you must



EABL in a paid advert in today’s papers has put up an advert in its continuous campaign on responsible drinking. Its say, if you have to party, please use a Taxi.

This is in response to the three lives we lost in tragic road accident along Donholm that has shock many Kenyans.

As claimed, the three were coming from an “entertainment joint” in Westlands.

What with Westie” I have seen two guys I know perish in a road accident in two separate accidents while coming from these entertainment joints in Westlands.


Please, if you must Drink, Take a taxi, it will cost you less than you are worth.

I think its time alcoblow came back into the scene; at least it will save a few lives.

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Safaricom : who’s to blame? 

As President Mwai Kibaki took power in 2003, a major secret deal was being finalized behind everyone’s back.

According to the latest issue of The East African, ghoul faces said to be elites in the former regime made a cool  Ksh740 million ($10 million) in gains after disposing 5% of their stake in Safaricom to Vodafone PLC.

It has been in the public domain that, Safaricom is controlled by the Government through Telkom and British mobile phone giant Vodafone Plc. The revelations of a third phantom Company have greeted everyone with awe and the ball is in the government’s court and that of the capital market to unmask this elites.

Vodafone’s’ shares in Safaricom as at January 2003 stood at 30%, says The East African and later at 35% after the said deal was finalized.

It is now unclear who control the remaining 5% after the said transactions since Vodafone’s’ disclosure in its annual accounts says it only holds a 35% in the most profitable company in

The said company referred to as Mobitelea Ventures Ltd, is not registered with the registrar of Societies in

These new development puts the government, Safaricom and Vodafone on the spot light as to who is fooling who.

Safaricom went to the capital market in May 2001 to issue a 4 billion bond and as required it declared its true owners as Vodafone with 40% and Telkom with 60%.

Safaricom has issued dividends to its two parents and shared it according to their shareholding. If indeed, Mobitelea exits, did it receive the dividend since its entitled to? If it ever received how was the cash channeled and from who?

Does Ndolo Ayah as the Chairman of Safaricom know something we don’t know?  

Has Vodafone been coercing with the said elites to hide their true identity?

Was the capital market authority compromised as Safaricom issued the Bond at the capital market?

Well I can only point my finger to a few people, Safaricom board through its CEO and Chairman Michael Joseph and Ndolo Ayah. Vodafone’s officials and the Treasury through its officials like the Investment Secretary.    

Well only time will tell. As Safaricom goes public, all faces behind it will surface and the culprits exposed.

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 Kiraitu, Saitoti back, so what?  


The dust has finally settled on the on going hullabaloo on the return of Prof George Saitoti and Kiraitu Murungi to the Cabinet.

As one Macharia Gaitho, Managing Director in charge of Special projects at Nation clearly noted, the two had just ‘stepped aside’ paving way for investigations and as fate had it, they were all cleared and ‘resumed’ their duties.

The million dollar question is, why did President Mwai Kibaki bring the two generals back to the battle zone?

Politically, Kibaki has realized that, his front line force is impotent and with the two in the cold he will be making a political suicide come next year.

Kibaki cannot rely on Danson Mugatana, John Michuki, Njenga Karume, Koigi Wamwere and the likes for a commanding political clout as he is not  sure whether they will make a comeback in 2007 or not.

What Kibaki’s advisers must have told him is that, he needs the Saitotis and the Kiraitus who commands a large following among their people, and those who can mobilize electorates and rally behind him in 2007.

Kiraitu and Saitoti are capable of this as they have proved and that is what Kibaki is banking them on. The Koigis and the Michukis enjoys no respect beyond their neighborhood and will have to sweat to come back in 2007.

The Standard’s Managing Director in charge of weekend’s editions Kipkoech Tanui summarized Kibaki’s action as “sasa mta do? (so what)

With ODM preaching water and drinking wine, Kibaki has realized that he can no longer play the Mr nice guy.

ODM is busy fronting corrupt officials as an alternative corrupt free government comes 2007 forgetting that majority of them are in the Goldenberg and the Anglo leasing scandals. Other have grabbed public lands and stolen from Kenyans.  

Economically, Kibaki has searched and found no replacements in the Education and the Energy ministry. With the education sector in crisis there is need to bring in a sober and an understanding mind  in the ministry and Saitoti proved beyond doubt that he is capable.

The energy sector is undergoing radical changes and you need a sharp mind like that of Kiraitu in the ministry but
Kenya has very few Kiraitus in its political circles who can steer this crucial docket to the next level.  Mwangi Kiunjuri, who is the assistant minister in the Energy docket cannot fit in that shoe, its too big for him.

The likes of Paul Muite cannot be trusted by Kibaki and cannot share the same table with Michuki who is in the kitchen cabinet and Muites’  political enemy number one.

It’s therefore obvious that, what Kibaki did was ethically wrong but politically correct.


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